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Corresponding Source App 1.0

Finally I got my release 1.0 done, these are the things that I work on for this release:

* I incorporated Regular Expressions for get the information of the package name.
* To find out the source of a package, I’m consulting the local database, if the file is not in the local database then I using yumloader .
* The program is retrieving a txt file to the user, detailing about the packages included in the .iso, this file will detail this kind of situations:
for example you asked for this package:
And the program is retrieving this one to you instead:
Because the source of ruby-gtksourceview is ruby-gnome2, so this file would for information purposes.

* I’m checking if two files came from the same source, the source is just downloaded once.
* Some other small changes in the code.

although I have some issues like the text file has some content at the end of the program execution, but when is included into the iso image the content is lost partially (need to dig into it).
Another issue is when I’m working with this particular package: ruby-gtksourceview-0.18.0-1.fc10 during the execution several lines like this appear:
sh: ruby: command not found
I don’t think is related to the program, although can be, I’m not sure.

I need to incorporate a way to read any kind of CD/DVD’s, for now my code reads just Live CD’s, that is part of the improves for coming releases, among with validations in several points.

For take a look in my project click here.

I appreciate suggestions and comments.


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One more step…

For my project I had to make first a Bash Script (that I posted some ago) and now I had to translate it into Python; the task of this script is download a package from cvs and get the source code in a ISO image.

(I’m a Python newbie so, welcome any suggestion).

To see the script click HERE

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