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To edit videos in Linux based systems there are a lot of available choices, lets talk about a specific software that I have used for edit and export raw videos: Kino.

Kino is a video editor software which has options for cut scenes, apply some special effects, export video to a different formats and some other features. The help manual is short but a lot clear and you can see example images.

For apply special effects for example you can just click on FX Icon (ubicated in the right side panel) and specify the time that the effect should start and finish:


and apply either Audio or Video filters that you prefer:

Example of Soft Focus Video Filter

Example of Soft Focus Video Filter

The list of Audio effects includes: Dub, Fade In, Fade Out, Gain, Mix and Silence.

Options for Video filters include: Blur, Charcoal, Colour Average, Colour Hold, Flip, Jerky, Kaleidoscope, Levels, Mirror, Pan and Zoom, Pixelate, Soft Focus, Superimpose, Titler and some others…

Video with Pixelate and Titler effects...

Video with Pixelate and Titler effects...

I used Pixelate and Titler video filters, and fade out and silence audio filters for the closing part of my video; I cut just a small piece from the video where the effects can be appreciated, so if you want to take a look and see how this effects look like click here.

Also this software is capable to export video to different formats such as: DVD, Flash, H.264 MP4, MP3, MPEG-4 3GPP, MPEG-4 AVI, OGG, VCD and some others… (the videos in the link are in OGG and Flash formats).

Kino works good with videos not too big, and editing is relatively easy, it has a very simple graphic interface and exporting files to other formats is fast and works very well.


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