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In the next lines I will describe how to use the program dvd-slideshow which is command line based and is used to create slideshow videos (that later on can be burned in a DVD)…

So let’s start getting the software by the command line typping:
# yum install dvd-slideshow

Next, put all the pictures or images that you want to include in the video, together in a directory (I called mine “Flowers”)

One important thing that I noticed when I used this program is that the name of each image should not have spaces… so for example if you have names like this: “My parents anniversary”, you should change it for “MyParentsAnniversary”, “My_parents_anniversary”… or any other way but with no spaces.

Just for more comfort work in the same path that is your picture directory, and type these commands:
# dir2slideshow -n “Flowers” -t 3 Flowers/

It will create an input file, with information about the pictures and -sometimes depends what you add- some values for parameters like crossfade, fadein, fadeout, title, background, etc… you can modify this command maybe like this:
# dir2slideshow -t 3 -c 2 -b /home/Paty/Pictures/Seneca.jpg -n “Flowers” Flowers/
-t -> seconds that each picture is showed.
-c -> is the number of seconds to crossfade between images.
-b -> this option is for specify a image background.
-n -> name for the slideshow.
(check man page for more options)

Next step is create the video file:
# dvd-slideshow -n “Flowers” -f Flowers.txt
In the same way you can play with options like adding music for example, up to you.

It may get you some error message, telling you that mjpegtools are missed, if that is the case install them like this:
# yum install mjpegtools

Another important thing is, if you get this message:
[dvd-slideshow] Creating ac3 audio…
[dvd-slideshow] ERROR during ffmpeg execution!

Then is necessary to edit the file /usr/bin/dvd-slideshow and change the line 661 like this:

To see the video, you can install Mplayer for example (#yum install mplayer) and after just type this:
# mplayer Flowers.vob


Have fun!


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